Werney Beyer was born on the 30th November 1970 in the heart of Rüdesheim along the Rhine district and the well-known wine country “Rheingau”.
At an early age he dedicated himself to football, athletics and gymnastics. When he was sixteen he discovered a new passion for fitness training, in particular bodybuilding with which he excelled and soon began competing to a professional standard. His intense training under the management of his coach ‘DBVK’ fuelled his ambition and he found great satisfaction working within that environment. In the early 1990s, international employment offers led him to travel working as a fitness coach and the experience opened up a whole new world of possibilities. On returning to Germany it made sense to broaden his newfound knowledge and study Tourism & Sport Management at the IST-Institute. It was during this time he was fortunate to undertake work based training in Asia – a profound experience which inspired him to discover more about the fascinating philosophies of Yoga. It wasn’t long before he took a diploma studying in India, USA and Canada, to learn and eventually teach Yoga himself. Travel, culture and a quest to expand his horizons, led Werney to live and work on the island of Ibiza. He remained there for many years working as a tourist manager and coach, emphasizing on motivation and selling techniques alongside giving his lectures on health, life and high spirits from the Yoga-philosophy. This opportunity also challenged his growing passion for languages, enabling him to communicate in English, Spanish, French, as well as his mother tongue, German. Werney developed a fascination for photography and filmmaking inspired by his many years of travel around the world, something that has remained a constant throughout his life. As director and founder of his company YERSKI PRODUCTIONS he creates top class images in high res solution and footage in 4K TV quality – the company is specialized in tourism destinations, landscapes, sights, rivers in Europe and aerial photo & videography. Based once again in his hometown of Rüdesheim along the legendary Rhine Gorge, Werney works currently freelance as a photographer & film producer, consultant & cruise director and lecturer where he combines his knowledge, experience and a deep love of communication to excel in this varied and challenging environment. Further on he is consulting international travel companies for destination management, river cruising along the European waterways and performs as guest speaker at international conferences. In 2016 he celebrated his 25th anniversary of traveling around the world in the tourism and sport industry. His lifelong motto is: “SHOWTIME – Positive thinking and action create positive results.”



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